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Campsites for Motorcycle Rallies

What's a Sherpa?

Sherpas are member of the Tibetan people living in the Nepalese Himalayas who serve as porters on mountain-climbing expeditions.  Sherpa Packer is a tent valet service for bicycle tours and motorcycle rallies. We are proud to be your home away from home during your bicycling or motorcycle adventure.  

Sherpa Amenities

We include many of the following amenities with our tours:  

  • Himalayan or Dome tent
  • Sleeping bag down to 40 degrees (You are welcome to bring your own as well)
  • Fleece liners
  • Air mattress or cot
  • Coffee and oatmeal in the mornings
  • Comfortable camping chair
  • Transport of one 35 lb bag on bicycle tours

We look forward to serving you!

THANK YOU for visiting the Sherpa Packer.

We look forward to serving you on your next bicycling or motorcycle adventure!

Uniform Sherpaville

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