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Bike Box Packing guide.

The Bicycle Box we are referring to is the one that you would use to ship your bike to the start of a bike tour. If you are not shipping your bike, then these items should be brought with your bike.

These items go with you each day on the ride so you do not need space for them in your luggage.
  1. bike
  2. biking shoes
  3. helmet
  4. frame pump (it is illegal to fly CO2 cartridges!!)
  5. water bottle(s)
  6. computer/altimeter/gps/heart rate monitor
  7. camel back or fanny pack (for carrying extra clothes on the bike)
  8. underseat wedge pack- spare tubes, patch kit, tire levers, tool kit, pocket knife
  9. bike lock (for locking your bike at the bar)

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