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We enjoyed the rally. It was great, and so were the services you provided. Your grandson was awesome, we told him he was also. It was our 1st time using your service. We won’t hesitate to call you to reserve in the future.



Happy Camper

My wife and I had a great experience using your service. Tent had plenty of room, and quite comfortable. I thought everyone was helpful. I thought coffee was just right. Hope to see you down the road. We will use you again!


Happy Camper

It was the first time I have used your service. Also, the first time I have slept in a tent in over 20 years!!! The tent was great, good air mattress (critical) and pillow. Towels were clean and dry and the coffee was good. Any complaints were handled promptly by your staff. I was impressed and pleased with my stay. I also had a lot of fun. I will use your service again Theo. Many thanks to you and your staff.


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