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2010 Testimonials, compliments, and other things Villagers have to say about the Sherpa:

I just wanted to tell you again and again how great the Sherpa service was. I loved all of your helpers as well. You must train them so well. They are so well mannered and very professional. Thanks you for an incredible experience and I will use the Sherpa service next time. Tell all of the guys I said hello. Hope the last day was good for you guys.
All the Best,
Pat and I again enjoyed the great service you gave us during Ride the Rockies. We had one of your new "deluxe" tents. Great addition! We had a chance to chat with you about it. You mentioned you weren't sure about continuing with the cots due to the time involved in set up, etc. Just our opinion, but please keep the cots. They allowed us to put our luggage underneath, and the tent stayed much more organized, and we weren't bumping into each other or tripping over luggage, etc.
You also mentioned we should drop you a line if we wanted to use your service and reserve a deluxe tent for next year. Please put us down for one again. We will see what the route for next year's Ride the Rockies looks like, but will more than likely apply for the ride again next year.
Thanks again for the great service. We recommend you to everyone.
Jeff & Pat Walker RTR
Ed & I just wanted to thank you for the best Sherpa service you provided us during the Rally in Paonia. We did have fun & enjoyed your company & your stories. Your daily "Hi Edward & Venessa" definitely brightened our day. We met wonderful people during the rally too.
We got home safely on Monday night. We hope to see you again on the next rally.
Take care, Edward & Venessa Dolan
My brother and I just wanted to say thank you to you and Keith for all the help you gave us which allowed us to get home in time for our mother's funeral. We cannot express our gratitude enough.You made a complicated journey much easier. While we only spent a few days on the tour we can say without doubt that seeing all you guys again gave us a really great feeling.....like seeing old friends. You really have a great crew. We hope to be back next year and look forward to seeing you all again.
Regards to all the sherpa's
Heather & Steve used the services of Theo - The Sherpa, for a small fee he'll bring all the camping gear & comforts to you! They didn't have saddle bags just yet so they couldn't carry their camp gear.
Boy O'boy, are we glad they used his services! As all of us RimRiders got special treatment from Theo!
He provided many of us with extra sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows and chairs. Plus, he got up at dawn to make HOT COFFEE served with Muffins set up just outside your tent!
He even brought along a fire caldron & camp chairs for all to sit around to stay warm, as the night temps dropped like a rock. Angie & I just might try to camp at a few more motorcycle rallies if we know that Theo "The Sherpa" will be there!
Angie & Shelley K12Riders Land of Enchantment Rally at Sipapu Ski Area
Thanks again for the ride to Poncho Pass on the last day of the Rockies ride. John and I made it to our flight in Denver. You run a great ship out there in Colorado! The people you have working for you are terrific. I plan on returning in two years. I will definitely be a customer again. I appreciate all that you and your staff did for me. Please send my best regards to Maria.
Peace, Brian Mahoney
I wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and making the ride a great experience for us. We will be back and we will promote the Sherpa Packer as the preferred housing option for RTR! Your team did an awesome job, everyone was very polite, provided great service and were enthusiastic!
We had a great time!
Thank you, see you next year!
Brian and Alex Pesch ("Dad" and "Son")
Hi Theo,
I recently rode the CRMBT bike tour. My brother used your Sherpa service, but I had my own tent as I was on a longer "camping" trip in the West. However my wife's air mattress needed replacing, so your boys graciously loaned her one for the night until we were back in business. That was very kind of your guys and quite simply bailed us out.
My wife was very happy to see the "TIPS" jar at the end of the tour, and donated to the boys' fund for your generous help.
It was nice to meet you (we chatted a couple times) and to observe you being so helpful to all cyclists, whether they were customers of yours this time around or not. Your service enhanced the tour.
Good luck with your future endeavors.